Cyborg Hitler | New Cartoon Series 2014


Cyborg Hitler (TM) is my First Cartoon Mini-Series for 2014. The video below is the first promo for this project:



The evil scientist Dr. Morell brings the evil tyrant of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, back to Life by cloning him into Android Form. Through tedious means Dr. Morell, branded with the Nazi Emblem on his forehead, extracts precious D.N.A. from an old blood sample saved by Nazis during World War II. Creating a robotic skeleton, and constructing a cybernetic heart and a techno-organic brain, the evil genius Dr. Morell creates an Android Clone of Adolf Hitler to Bring the Final Reich and subdue the World into an Eternal Destiny of Nazi Regime and Racial Purity.

Created by Alain Alexander Mesa (c) 2014
Illustrations, Story, Animation, and Concept by Alain Alexander Mesa

Theme Music entitled "Mechanolith"
Composed by Kevin Macleod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

SPECIAL THANKS to KEVIN MACLEOD for creating and sharing your FANTASTIC MUSIC for Aspiring Artists like Me.

Special Thanks as well to

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